In a bid to cash in on the Japanese trend of packaging candy with adult gifts, a confectioner will begin selling chocolate bars Tuesday containing oldies CDs.

Ezaki Glico Co. is calling the bars Time Slip Glico: Youthful Melody Chocolate. They cost 300 yen, and will debut in northern Hokkaido and the Tohoku region before hitting shelves across the country.

The CDs are made to look like vinyl records, complete with miniature jackets, and will contain Japanese hits from the 1960s to 1980s, company officials said.

The candy bars come with one of 18 one-tune CDs. Songs will include The Candies’ “Haato-no eisu ga detekonai” (“My lover won’t show”), Hiromi Ota’s “Momen-no hankachi” (“Cotton handkerchief”) and Shigeru Matsuzaki’s “Ai-no memori” (“Memory of love”). There will also be several mystery CDs.

Ezaki Glico has had hit candies for adults before, including Time Slip Glico caramels, which included miniature household appliances and Ultraman figurines.

Confectioner Bourbon Corp. of Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture, has been selling cookies with bonus CDs at Lawson convenience stores across Japan since late April.

Because CD sales are down, an official at a major record company hopes the tactics work.

“There must be people who will drop into record shops with the launch of confectionery with CDs as gifts,” the official said. “This is considered to be a kind of promotion for CDs.”