• Kyodo


The central China city of Luoyang has suspended its official friendship ties with Okayama after the western Japan city concluded a formal friendship relationship with a city in Taiwan.

The relationship identifies the city, Hsinchu, as part of the “Republic of China,” Okayama officials said Friday.

The mayor of Luoyang accused the city of Okayama of violating Beijing’s one-China policy in allowing the authorities of Hsinchu, a industrial town on the outskirts of Taipei, to use Taiwan’s official name on an official document.

According to Okayama officials, the reference was contained in the Chinese version of a document the mayors of Okayama and Hsinchu signed April 21, establishing official friendship ties between the cities.

Okayama officials said the Japanese version of the document identifies Hsinchu merely as part of Taiwan.

Okayama is the only Japanese city that has tried to establish formal friendship ties with local authorities in both China and Taiwan.