Jun 14, 2014

Rice: 'Get away from us. We are like poison'

by Roger Pulvers

Sachiko the nurse reads the diary of Haruko Harrison’s mother Toshimitsu is back from his second trip to Japan since we emigrated. He sold the last of our family treasures in Japan in order to finance expansion of the farm, which we have been ...

Apr 17, 2014

U.S. agrees to let Japanese tariffs stand on rice, wheat

The United States has agreed to allow Japan to retain tariffs on rice and wheat, government sources said Thursday during bilateral talks related to the wider Pacific free trade negotiations. In return, Washington demanded Tokyo introduce a system to increase U.S. rice imports, which ...

Apr 2, 2014

Abe, Obama aiming for TPP deal by month-end

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. President Barack Obama agreed last week to aim at reaching a broad accord in talks related to the Trans-Pacific Partnership multilateral free trade negotiations by the time the two leaders meet in late April, sources said Wednesday. They ...

Firms pin hopes on selling halal rice to Muslims

Jan 22, 2014

Firms pin hopes on selling halal rice to Muslims

A group of small companies has launched a program to offer the Akita Komachi variety of rice to Muslim visitors to Japan, hoping to export the high-quality grain to Islamic nations in the future. The program began after Feed Innovation Inc., a food venture ...

Sake boom revives rice types as Abe eyes exports

Jan 8, 2014

Sake boom revives rice types as Abe eyes exports

by Aya Takada

Farmers on Japan’s west coast will sow Nihonbare rice this year for the first time in a decade as growers around the country return to older varieties to meet demand for record sake exports. Overseas shipments of sake reached an all-time high of ¥8.5 ...

Dec 24, 2013

Fukushima rice restrictions to be loosened

The farm ministry plans to loosen current restrictions on rice production in Fukushima Prefecture, home to the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant. There have been almost no reports recently of Fukushima rice containing radioactive cesium in excess of current standards. According to the ...