Jun 16, 2014

85-year-old Japanese man arrested for stalking woman, 80

Police have arrested an 85-year-old man in Wakayama Prefecture for allegedly stalking an 80-year-old woman he reportedly met when she shared a hospital room with his now-dead wife. Takeo Nitta, of Hashimoto, allegedly left several telephone messages on the woman’s answering machine in November, ...

May 25, 2014

Tokyo Olympics turning into big party for scammers

The Consumer Affairs Agency is urging people to beware a growing number of investment scams capitalizing on the hoopla over the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The agency warned that more consumers are being deceived by such pitches as, “Why not buy bonds for the construction ...

Getting past the stigma of dementia

| May 24, 2014

Getting past the stigma of dementia

by Philip Brasor

Last April, the Nagoya High Court ordered a 91-year-old woman in Obu, Aichi Prefecture, to pay ¥3 million in compensation to JR Tokai for disruption of service after her husband was struck and killed by one of the company’s trains. The man, who was ...

May 21, 2014

Caring for dementia sufferers

Steps must be taken to minimize hazards for the nation's growing number of elderly people with dementia and to ease the burden on their families.

Fix population problem by helping families

| May 17, 2014

Fix population problem by helping families

by Philip Brasor

For the past 18 months, media outlets in Japan and abroad have looked approvingly upon Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s efforts to improve the country’s economic future through proactive measures dubbed “Abenomics.” The goal is to spur inflation so that companies can make more money ...

Convenience stores give our nation pride

| May 10, 2014

Convenience stores give our nation pride

by Michael Hoffman

Japan’s prime minister is an unabashed patriot, as outspoken in his love for his country as in his desire to instill that love in his compatriots. Are his compatriots receptive? Opinion polls on attitudes toward pending revisions of long-standing interpretations of the pacifist Constitution, ...

Apr 24, 2014

Most condo owners over age 60

Just over half of condominium owners in Japan were 60 or older as of December, up 10.7 points from the previous survey five years ago, the government says. Owners who said they intend to live in their condos for the rest of their lives ...