Vote to name our collaboration beer!

あなたが決める! コラボレーションエールネーミング投票

The voting period ended March 12. Thank you.
*English follows Japanese.

ジャパンタイムズ創刊120周年を記念したコラボレーションエールがついに登場! 3月22日からベルギービール専門店ブラッセルズの系列店で販売開始される、ジャパンタイムズ120周年記念コラボレーションエールのネーミング投票にぜひご参加ください(3月12日締切)。コラボレーションエールは、ジャパンタイムズとブラッセルズ、京都醸造との3社の共同醸造。醸造に当たっては、レシピを3社で検討し、京都醸造での仕込みにも3社が立ち会いました。



The Japan Times is proud to present a collaboration beer commemorating the 120-year anniversary of the newspaper’s launch! But the beer needs a name. Please cast your votes in deciding the name of our 120-year-anniversary collaboration beer, which will be available starting March 22 at branches of the Belgium beer bar chain Brussels. (Voting ends March 12.)

The beer was brewed in collaboration with The Japan Times, Brussels and Kyoto Brewing Company. Together, the three companies mulled over recipes and were on site to witness the brewing process at Kyoto Brewing.

The collaboration beer takes a fruit saison style and has a distinct citrus aroma. We’ve added wax-free, preservatives-free ponkan (a type of citrus fruit) produced in Ehime Prefecture to enhance the freshness in flavor and citrus aroma.

After much discussion, the three companies have narrowed down the list of possible names to four. Please choose your favorite and cast your votes. The name with the most votes will be the collaboration beer’s name.

三味一体 Sanmi-ittai (Three flavors in one)


This is a play on the Japanese term 三位一体, meaning “trinity.” By replacing the kanji for mi () with , the name represents both the three-way collaboration and the beer’s mixture of three styles: saison, IPA and fruit beer.


三人四脚 Sannin-yonkyaku (Four-legged collaboration)

二人三脚(Three-legged race)を三人四脚とすることで、3社が協力して造ったビールだということを表している。

Literally meaning “three-legged race (by two people)” ― a popular race at school sports day, 二人三脚 (ninin-sankyaku) is a term used to express how two people keep in pace and work together to accomplish a task. In the case of this collaboration beer, it was three companies. Thus, 三人四脚.


三感四温 Sankan-shion (Three sensibilities and a fourth warmth)

三寒四温(three cold days followed by four warm days)の「寒」と同じ発音の「感」に変えた造語。3つの会社の感性が、4つ目の新しい温度(熱)を作り出すという意味を込めた。ビールの仕込みから販売開始までがちょうど三寒四温の時期。

三寒四温 literally means “three cold days followed by four warm days.” It’s an expression often used to refer to the early spring season, which is precisely when this beer was brewed. By changing the kanji for kan from 寒 (cold) to 感 (sense), the name signifies how mixing the sensibilities of three companies has created a new, fourth heat.


春の息吹 Haru no Ibuki (A breath of spring)


We give the beer this name in the hope that it will serve as a perfect refreshment as we usher in the new spring season.

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