To wrap up, some musings on the media and a couple of meet-ups with creators who make their own:

  • Should oden hot boxes be removed? Japan’s convenience stores nationalized? Are konbini egg sandwiches overrated? When Patrick St. Michel met the duo behind the “Conbini Boys” podcast for 20 Questions, neither side pulled any punches.
  • Working remotely was something Japan Inc. was never supposed to be able to do. Now that we’ve done it, is a three-day weekend the next step? In Japan Pulse, Kaori Shoji looks at what media outlets and Japan’s netizens have to say about it.
Episode 37: Crowning the Conbini Tournament Champion | CONBINI BOYS
Episode 37: Crowning the Conbini Tournament Champion | CONBINI BOYS
  • Tokyo-born artist and activist Drue Kataoka is the new face of the Clubhouse app, literally. She talks to St. Michel about what excites her about social audio: “It can take any shape that your imagination can step up to and bring to it.”
  • Militaristic language has blasted its way into coverage of the Olympics, but that may say more about the nation’s gung-ho news media than anything else, writes our man on the tabloid front lines, Mark Schreiber, in Big in Japan.
  • What do readers want? Self-help. Where can they get it? From ancient, mysterious Japan, home of miracle cures for just about everything under the rising sun — if you believe some of the guff you read on the internet, writes St. Michel.