Presenting five new Japanese films packed with strong female characters (but all directed by men). Best enjoyed on a big screen when the emergency’s over — but be safe, people:

'Along the Sea' trailer | PANAP MEDIA
‘Along the Sea’ trailer | PANAP MEDIA
  • Social realism rubs up against melodrama in the film “A Madder Red,” which focuses on a single mother dealing with economic challenges during the pandemic. Messy and slightly mad, it feels like just the film this year needed, writes James Hadfield.
  • A planned peace memorial in a provincial city reopens old wounds triggers open conflict in Ken Kawai’s “Headless Girl,” a scattershot satire about who gets to write history. If you’re looking for easy answers, you won’t find them here, writes Hadfield.
  • Takashi Miike has built up a cult global following with his oeuvre of horror movies, often featuring extreme violence (er, “Audition”!). So how did he end up directing “Police × Heroine Lovepatrina!,” a family-friendly film about teen superheroines?