A catch-up on where Japanese carmakers stand in the global race toward electrification, as the government aims for net-zero carbon emissions for the country by 2050:

  • Japan is lagging other countries when it comes to the number of electric vehicles on the road as the government strives to phase out gasoline-only vehicles, Jiji reports. EVs are still impractical for consumers for various reasons, including a lack of charging stations, high prices and some functional challenges.
  • The drive to electrify is shaking the foundations of the pyramid-shaped auto industry, made up of big automakers at the top and lower layers of parts suppliers and subcontractors. The shift away from gas-only vehicles will render about half of auto parts redundant, forcing manufacturers to consider realigning with other companies for survival or closing down.
Nissan's Note e-Power vehicles on display at the company's global HQ in Yokohama | BLOOMBERG
Nissan’s Note e-Power vehicles on display at the company’s global HQ in Yokohama | BLOOMBERG