Japan has set for itself the ambitious goal of giving the nation’s population of older residents 1 million shots per day and having all 36 million of them — or at least those who want to be — vaccinated by the end of July. Is this doable? Local governments will be key, notes Tomohiro Osaki, but some are not convinced it’s logistically possible,.

The cause may be helped by Friday’s approval of two more vaccines for use in Japan in addition to Pfizer’s, Osamu Tsukimori reports, although one of those may face age restrictions due to rare blood clots.


The opening of mass vaccination centers should also aid the rollout, with 28 municipalities planning or considering setting up such facilities. Tokyo plans to use the old Tsukiji fish market as a mass inoculation station for fire and police department workers.

The Defense Ministry said Sunday it has vaccinated some Self-Defense Forces members with Moderna’s newly approved shot so they can administer jabs at the mass vaccination centers, which will also use Moderna’s vaccine.

Yesterday’s (and last Sunday’s) new COVID-19 cases nationwide: 4,048 (5,265). By prefecture (100 or over; bold indicates rise over last week): Hokkaido 605 (491), Tokyo 535 (542), Aichi 431 (522), Osaka 274 (620), Kanagawa 266 (296), Fukuoka 262 (505), Saitama 165 (216), Hiroshima 160 (209), Okinawa 156 (78), Hyogo 111 (267). Source: Japan COVID-19 Coronavirus Tracker