Business Jan 11, 2014

Did Soros just predict an economic crash in China?

by William Pesek

George Soros probably shouldn't expect any warm invitations to Beijing — not with the much-reviled short seller warning of a giant Chinese crash. The billionaire first shook a major government in September 1992, when he led an attack on the British pound. For his role ...

World Nov 23, 2013

Japan's yakuza woes return to the silver screen

by William Pesek

Hollywood has long fetishized Japanese gangsters, with their full-body tattoos, missing pinkies and harems of buxom groupies. Ever since Sydney Pollack's "The Yakuza" in 1974, the colorful mafiosi have provided regular fodder for directors including Ridley Scott and Quentin Tarantino. Curiously, studios are again abuzz ...

China mimics worst of 'Abenomics' at worst time

Business Nov 2, 2013

China mimics worst of 'Abenomics' at worst time

by William Pesek

If imitation really is the greatest form of flattery, Shinzo Abe should be thrilled the Chinese are copying his "Abenomics" strategy to excite investors. The rest of the world shouldn't be. China isn't cribbing the prime minister's actual blueprint, but his formula of spin ...

Commentary | COUNTERPOINT Oct 26, 2013

Branding Japan: Not always onward and upward

by Jeff Kingston

Branding is not an exact science. Take for example the recent campaign by Fukushima Industries to launch a new consumer-friendly corporate mascot. Perhaps braving the possibility of a lawsuit from Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco) over infringement of intellectual- property rights, the Osaka-based appliance company ...