Watami to operate all-you-can-eat wagyu restaurants

Business / Corporate Jun 11, 2020

Watami to operate all-you-can-eat wagyu restaurants

Watami Co. said Thursday that it will develop an all-you-can-eat barbecue restaurant chain offering wagyu Japanese beef in and outside Japan. The first outlet of the Kamimura Bokujo restaurant chain was launched in May in the Minamikamata district in Tokyo's Ota Ward. The major Japanese ...

National / Politics Jul 22, 2013

Watami boss Watanabe, ex-Osaka Gov. Ota win seats

Miki Watanabe, former chairman of pub chain Watami Co., and former Osaka Gov. Fusae Ota were among the most prominent candidates to win seats Sunday in the proportional representation section of the Liberal Democratic Party's Upper House ticket. Watanabe, 53, showed up at his campaign ...