Kaikei: the name behind the gods

Art May 23, 2017

Kaikei: the name behind the gods

by Matthew Larking

Kamakura Period (1185-1333) Buddhist sculptures often come down to us under the individual names of makers (when known) though they were often fashioned in workshops by multiple hands. A significant 13th-century work would employ a dozen or so team members and assistants and draw ...

Reader Mail Aug 21, 2011

What more autopsies might tell

The Aug. 14 Media Mix article, "Media coverage often 'the last push' to suicide," contains the following paragraph: "Japan's suicide rate is considered high, officially more than 30,000 a year. In many Western countries, deaths in which the cause is not apparent are often judged ...

Commentary Jul 22, 2009

Protectionist trend on the rise

by David Howell

In the English language the word "Protection" sounds warm and friendly. Everyone needs protection against the storms of life and it is nice to give protection and be protected. But lift this innocent word into the international sphere and it becomes a sinister and ...