Commentary / World May 30, 2014

Drone memo author should be in jail

by Ted Rall

Finally we will get a peek at the twisted legal opinion that the White House uses to justify using drones to blow up anyone, anywhere, including American citizens on American soil, for any reason the president deems fit.

Commentary / World May 2, 2014

Third Obama disappointment seems imminent

by William Pfaff

In the trivial case of the Sino-Japanese dispute over the Senkaku/Diaoyu isles, there was no cause for President Barack Obama's recent warning to China that the U.S. considers the islands as falling under protection of its Security Treaty signed with Japan in the aftermath ...

Commentary / Japan Apr 22, 2014

The second opening of Japan

by Shinzo Abe

To make a proactive contribution to peace, Japan will bear its share of responsibility for assuring the security that supports global prosperity and stability, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declares.