Business Jun 18, 2019

How cryptocurrencies can replace other pay options

by Glenn Chapman

Cryptocurrencies live in a volatile, roller-coaster world, which Facebook is seeking to change with its new Libra digital money. The new digital currency will be overseen by a nonprofit association and backed with real assets to serve as a reliable, stable form of globally accepted ...

Business Jun 5, 2019

Japan eyes legislation to regulate global and domestic tech giants

The government said Wednesday it plans to submit a bill to the Diet next year to regulate global and domestic technology giants amid concerns some are stifling fair competition due to their overwhelming market share. The bill to enhance transparency in the business transactions of ...

Business / Tech May 29, 2019

Apple unveils first new iPod model in four years

Apple on Tuesday introduced its first new iPod model in four years, highlighting music and games as it continued to make a priority of serving up digital content. The new-generation iPod touch, essentially an iPhone without the phone calls, was available in more than two ...