Students develop fertilizer from <I>shōchū</I> distillation remnants

National Aug 21, 2018

Students develop fertilizer from shōchū distillation remnants

Students in Kumamoto Prefecture have developed a low-cost method to cultivate photosynthetic bacteria for use as fertilizer using the distillation remnants of shōchū, a traditional Japanese liquor. The student researchers, led by Aoi Koga, 24, from Sojo University's Graduate School of Engineering in the city ...

Kyushu distillers seek to build overseas fan base for <em>shōchū</em>

Business Sep 5, 2017

Kyushu distillers seek to build overseas fan base for shōchū

Spirits makers in Kyushu are working to attract overseas customers for their flagship product of distilled liquor called shōchū. Shōchū, typically distilled from barley, sweet potatoes, rice, buckwheat or sugar cane, is very popular in Japan but not nearly as well-known abroad as sake, which ...

Business Oct 22, 2015

Japan to boost protection of names of liquor-producing regions

The government said Wednesday it will expand the scope of the system to protect producing-area names of liquors as intellectual properties to enhance their brand power amid growing global demand for Japanese sake and shochu distilled spirits, sources said. Japanese beer and liqueur, including umeshu, ...