National Aug 11, 2014

Lawmaker group seeking end to death penalty to resume activities

A Diet members' group formed to end the death penalty plans to resume operations as early as next month after suspending its activities following the 2012 election, sources said Monday. The group headed by Shizuka Kamei, 77, an independent in the Lower House, wants to ...

Kamei got Tokushukai millions

National Dec 18, 2013

Kamei got Tokushukai millions

Shizuka Kamei, a senior Lower House lawmaker and former financial services minister, received ¥20 million in 2008 from the scandal-hit Tokushukai hospital group, according to sources. A Tokushukai group source said the 77-year-old former leader of the now-defunct Kokumin Shinto (People's New Party) might have ...