Nishinoshima: Oki's island of sanctuary

Travel Nov 14, 2015

Nishinoshima: Oki's island of sanctuary

by Stephen Mansfield

Were it not for the well-nourished faces of the passengers suffused with keen expressions of expectation and purpose, the supine bodies, unpacked food, luggage and blankets strewn across the hard flooring of the ferry's modern equivalent of steerage class resembled those of a migrant ...

National Oct 1, 2014

Chinese ship sinks off Shimane; nine reported missing

A China-registered ship sank off the coast of Shimane Prefecture Tuesday morning, leaving nine people missing while five crew members have been saved, the Japan Coast Guard said, citing a rescue request it received from Chinese authorities late Tuesday night. The Coast Guard said its ...

National Mar 29, 2014

Shimane assembly rejects citizens' call to phase out nuclear power

The prefectural assembly in Shimane Prefecture, which hosts a Chugoku Electric Power Co. nuclear power plant, has rejected an ordinance backed by more than 80,000 citizens calling for nuclear power to be phased out in the prefecture. Critics say it is regrettable that the motion ...

National Jan 31, 2014

Grand shrine Izumo-Taisha drew record 8 million visitors in 2013

The number of visitors to Izumo-Taisha, the grand shrine in the city of Izumo, Shimane Prefecture, reached a record 8.04 million in 2013 after major repair work on its buildings was completed for the first time in 60 years, the prefectural government said. The figure ...