World May 28, 2016

Hajj row escalates as Iran and Saudi Arabia miss new deal

An Iranian delegation has left Saudi Arabia without an agreement for its citizens to attend the Muslim hajj pilgrimage this year, Saudi media have reported, a second failure by the rival Middle East powers to strike a deal. Relations between the two countries plummeted after ...

Gunmen kidnap Frenchwoman and Yemeni driver in Sanaa

World Feb 25, 2015

Gunmen kidnap Frenchwoman and Yemeni driver in Sanaa

Gunmen kidnapped a Frenchwoman and her Yemeni driver in Yemen's capital on Tuesday morning as she was on her way to work, Yemeni security sources and French authorities said. The unidentified gunmen intercepted the vehicle on 45th Street in central Sanaa and took the two ...

Editorials Jun 13, 2014

Iraq collapsing

Islamic militants have overrun northern Iraq, taking control of the country's second-largest city and sparking fears of the collapse of the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.