Pressure increases on Rugby World Cup referees

Rugby Sep 25, 2019

Pressure increases on Rugby World Cup referees

by Rich Freeman

Japan assistant coach Tony Brown weighed in on the latest referee controversy Wednesday when he asked reporters at the Brave Blossoms hotel if they had heard any feedback following the previous night's game between Samoa and Russia. On Tuesday, just hours after Rugby World Cup ...

Sumo 101: <em>Gyōji</em>

Sumo Nov 20, 2018

Sumo 101: Gyōji

by John Gunning

Sumo referees are arguably the most elaborately outfitted arbiters in the sporting world. The brightly colored kimonos they wear in the ring provide a dramatic contrast to wrestlers clad only in mawashi. The intricateness of the attire, which is based on traditional clothing, increases as gyōji ...

Commentary / Japan Apr 14, 2014

Internet raises misconduct risk

by Takamitsu Sawa

The road to glory for a scientific pioneer leads to temptations to plagiarize background info and must pass through a panel of "referees" who may be inclined to judge a research paper by the name of the author rather than its contents.