Oct 14, 2016

Study: China's two-child policy won't lead to population boom

A study predicts that China's loosening of its one-child policy to allow all married couples to have two children will bring only a small increase in population growth. The study, published Friday in the medical journal Lancet, recommends that China raise its retirement age to ...

/ Dec 30, 2014

Wanted: brides for millions of Chinese men


A fast-growing underclass is sure to pose an array of challenges for China. The victims are the millions of poor, mostly rural men, who cannot meet familial and social expectations that a man marry and start a family because of the country's skewed demographics.

China plans to ease 'one-child' policy and end labor camps

Nov 16, 2013

China plans to ease 'one-child' policy and end labor camps

President Xi Jinping announced Friday the most sweeping package of economic, social and legal reforms in China in decades, including a relaxation of the country's "one-child" policy and the scrapping of its much-criticized system of labor camps, The changes rolled back harsh social policies that ...