Business Nov 10, 2018

Nations set to decide fate of depleted bigeye tuna

Dozens of nations will convene in the coming week to decide the fate of one of the planet's most valuable fish: the bigeye tuna, backbone of a billion-dollar business that is severely overfished. Scientists shocked many in the industry last month when they warned that ...

Man wields surfboard to fight off shark in Australia

Asia Pacific Nov 7, 2018

Man wields surfboard to fight off shark in Australia

A surfer fought off a shark with his board after being bitten in the leg Wednesday on Australia's east coast, authorities said, just days after a swimmer died in another attack. The 43-year-old was surfing off popular tourist spot Shelly Beach in Ballina, 750 kilometers ...

National Nov 3, 2018

Tiny island goes missing off Hokkaido

Missing: A tiny island off Hokkaido. Or so authorities fear, prompting plans for a survey to determine if the outcrop has been washed away, ever so slightly shrinking the country's territorial waters. The island, Esambe Hanakita Kojima, was only officially surveyed and registered in 1987 ...

Rare vaquita porpoises sighted in Mexico

World / Science & Health Oct 18, 2018

Rare vaquita porpoises sighted in Mexico

Experts want to enclose a small area of the Gulf of California where the critically endangered vaquita porpoise remains after they sighted about half a dozen of the elusive creatures in September. One was a mother with her second new calf in two years. Vaquitas ...