National / Politics Jan 21, 2015

Komura says Tokyo will not meet Islamic State's demands

Masahiko Komura, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party's vice president, said Wednesday that Japan will not comply with the Islamic State's ransom demand, after the militant group threatened to kill two Japanese it is holding hostage. "Withdrawal of the humanitarian support is out of the question," ...

Editorials Sep 24, 2014

New Komeito's raison d'etre

Natsuo Yamaguchi, the just re-elected chief of New Komeito, and other party leaders should realize that if the party fails to ensure that Japan stays on the pacifist road with respect to the passage of new legislation, it will lose its raison d'etre.

National / Politics Jun 30, 2014

Japan on verge of legalizing war as Komeito bends

by Ayako Mie

Japan is set Tuesday to legalize waging war even when not under direct attack. It is a drastic departure from its postwar position that the war-renouncing Constitution prohibits exercising the right to collective self-defense. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's Cabinet is set to approve a reinterpretation ...

National / Politics Jun 30, 2014

Ishin-Komeito ties fray in Osaka

by Eric Johnston

Relations between Nippon Ishin no Kai (Japan Restoration Party) and New Komeito continue to deteriorate, with party heads Toru Hashimoto and Ichiro Matsui preparing to challenge two Osaka-based New Komeito leaders in the next Lower House election. At an all-party meeting Saturday, Hashimoto and Matsui ...

National / Politics Jun 24, 2014

Abe offers concession on collective defense

by Ayako Mie

The Abe administration gave some ground Tuesday to New Komeito in the ninth round of the coalition defense talks, offering tougher conditions before Japan would be allowed to exercise the long-prohibited right to collective self-defense. Debate between the ruling coalition partners has focused on three ...

National / Politics Jun 10, 2014

LDP seeks defense deal by Friday

by Ayako Mie

Unless the ruling coalition strikes a deal this week, Cabinet will be unable to approve the use of collective self-defense during the current Diet session, a senior Liberal Democratic Party minister says.

Commentary / Japan | SENTAKU MAGAZINE Jun 10, 2014

Abe treading on lions' tails

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe tendency to stumble in building allied support whenever he makes an aggressive move appears most conspicious of late with his efforts to have Japan exercise its right to collective self-defense and to reform farm policy.