Done right, moral education could be a good thing

Commentary | COUNTERPOINT Dec 5, 2015

Done right, moral education could be a good thing

by Jeff Kingston

The Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is enacting another one of the conservatives' long-standing policy desires by reintroducing moral education in secondary schools from 2018. This has sparked a liberal backlash because moral education is associated with wartime Japan's nationalist hysteria and thought-control policies. ...

Editorials Aug 22, 2015

Much potential in new courses

The education ministry should strive to follow the new study outline for primary and secondary education, which stresses active learning to nurture independent thinking.

Editorials Feb 10, 2015

Moral education raises risks

It would be unfortunate if the moral education that the government plans to introduce in grades 1-9 is aimed at instilling in children a blind love of their nation.

Editorials Oct 26, 2014

Moral education's slippery slope

An advisory body to Japan's education minister calls for upgrading grade school "moral education" — which deals with children's way of thinking and their attitude toward life — to an official subject on a par with mathematics and science.

Commentary Mar 1, 2014

Handle moral education with extreme care

by Walt Gardner

When Education Minister Hakubun Shimomura met with a ministry panel recently to discuss the inclusion of moral education for elementary and junior high school students beginning in 2015, he unwittingly stepped into a potential minefield.

Editorials Jan 14, 2014

Leave those kids alone

The education ministry should rethink its attempt to introduce "morals" as an official subject of instruction in elementary and junior high schools.