Business Apr 10, 2017

Japan to conduct second test to produce gas from methane hydrate

The trade ministry said Monday it has begun preparations for a second production test to extract methane gas from methane hydrate deposits off Japan's central coast. The test is the first since Japan achieved the world's first extraction of gas in 2013 from offshore deposits ...

Editorials Jan 26, 2015

Making the most of cheaper oil

The steep fall in crude oil prices has certainly benefited consumers, but Japan needs to develop a wise energy policy that shields it from the vagaries of oil-price fluctuations over the long term.

Methane hydrate extracted from Sea of Japan

Business / Economy Dec 25, 2014

Methane hydrate extracted from Sea of Japan

The government has succeeded in extracting samples of a next-generation resource called methane hydrate from the bottom of the Sea of Japan, the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy said Thursday. Researchers conducted drilling surveys and were able to obtain samples of the "fiery ice" ...

Business / Corporate Nov 6, 2014

Japan, U.S. to launch joint research on methane hydrate

Japan and the United States agreed Thursday to launch joint research into the development of methane hydrate, an energy source also known as burning ice. Japan Oil, Gas and Metals National Corp. signed a memorandum of understanding in Tokyo with the National Energy Technology Laboratory ...

Business / Economy Jun 20, 2014

Methane hydrate deposits probable in Sea of Japan

The government said Friday it is highly likely that deposits of methane hydrate, a next-generation energy source, exist in the seabed of the Sea of Japan off the northern and western parts of the country. The government's survey from April found geological structures suggesting possible ...

National Jun 9, 2013

Sea of Japan methane hydrate survey kicks off

The government Saturday started its first full-fledged investigation to assess the size of methane hydrate reserves in the Sea of Japan. Japan succeeded in extracting natural gas from methane hydrate contained in geologic layers hundreds of meters below the Pacific seabed in March, but exploration ...