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Japan Times
Aug 28, 2013
Art fiction that keeps our thinking adept
What is the connection between Kampala in Uganda, Fukushima in Japan and New Orleans in America? Tsuyoshi Ozawa links these seemingly disparate places in his ongoing series "Vegetable Weapons". The shape of a gun is formed out of local vegetables and photographed, before it's taken apart and the same vegetables become the ingredients for a dinner party.
Japan Times
Apr 18, 2013
Playwright imprint focuses on newer jazz acts
At a time when stories about declining music sales are frequent and major labels aren't investing in new talent, hearing about an indie label like Playwright is music to the ears.
Japan Times
Mar 12, 2013
Carpentry seminars help bring men out of isolation
One snowy Sunday morning in late February, elderly men were awkwardly driving nails into half-finished furniture under the instruction of skilled carpenters at a factory in Minamisoma, Fukushima Prefecture.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Media / Japan Pulse
Jan 31, 2012
Danshikai: deals for dudes' night out
Weekends away, with a beauty treatments and mountains of cake? Sounds familiar, right? But with the guys?
CULTURE / Japan Pulse
Jul 15, 2011
Life is sweet ... for some men
They are men, and they like to eat sweets. They are the men who eat sweets.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Media / Japan Pulse
Feb 2, 2011
Businessmen come out smelling like roses
What's in a sweet-smelling man's shirt? That which we call rose-scented micro-capsules.
Japan Times
CULTURE / Japan Pulse
Jan 28, 2011
A Valentine's day out with the girls
Should Japan be alarmed about sagging libidos and the rise of Valentine joshikai?
JAPAN / Media / Japan Pulse
Sep 9, 2010
Japan's depilation revolution: Smooth skin is in for men
A variety of hair-removal products sprout up for men wanting smooth skin.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Media / Japan Pulse
Apr 27, 2010
Bento boys rock the lunch box
Bento-making men get a site of their own, but are they in it for cooking or economizing?


Historically, kabuki was considered the entertainment of the merchant and peasant classes, a far cry from how it is regarded today.
For Japan's oldest kabuki theater, the show must go on