Guillem bids adieu to her life of dance

Stage Nov 24, 2015

Guillem bids adieu to her life of dance

by Kris Kosaka

Superstar dancer Sylvie Guillem has come full circle. As the ballerina extraordinaire explained before the upcoming grand finale of her 35-year career, "The first time I took a plane to dance in front of an audience outside France was when I was in the Paris ...

Jo Kanamori talks dance in Japan

Stage Jan 8, 2014

Jo Kanamori talks dance in Japan

by Nobuko Tanaka

A15-minute drive from Niigata Station, just across the mighty Shinano River pouring into the sea from the Northern Alps, a massive oval-shaped hall sits amid rich green parkland. This is Niigata City Performing Arts Center, aka Ryutopia — the nation's only public theater with ...

Reader Mail Nov 25, 2012

Have we had enough war yet?

Regarding The Washington Post article by Condoleezza Rice that ran in The Japan Times on Nov. 21 ("America must act as conflict builds in Mideast"): It has been said that the political choice in the United States is between the "Evil Party" and the ...

Reader Mail Sep 29, 2011

Ban this intolerable stock phrase

I hate the phrase "restore the public's trust." It is too much over-cooked gobbledygook and I'd rather eat nails than hear it one more time. Lamenting the threat to, or decline in, the public's trust in politics is one of those stock phrases that ...