Opposition assails Abe over Nishikawa resignation

National / Politics Feb 24, 2015

Opposition assails Abe over Nishikawa resignation

by Mizuho Aoki

Opposition parties refused Tuesday to convene a scheduled session of the Lower House Budget Committee and instead unleashed a salvo of taunts over the surprise resignation of farm minister Koya Nishikawa the day before. Nishikawa resigned over a donation scandal, and opposition parties took the ...

Editorials Feb 19, 2015

Loopholes in political funds law

One can't help wonder why farm minister Koya Nishikawa felt compelled to have an LDP chapter that he heads return a ¥1 million donation from a subsidiary of the sugar manufacturers' association if there was no illegal activity.

Farm minister denies returned donation was illegal

National / Politics Feb 13, 2015

Farm minister denies returned donation was illegal

Farm minister Koya Nishikawa said Friday that he doesn't regard a political donation he returned to a wood-processing company as illegal. Nishikawa was speaking to reporters after the Mainichi Shimbun reported Friday that the September 2012 donation to the Liberal Democratic Party's branch in the ...

National / Politics Oct 10, 2013

Abe under pressure from his party to protect 'sacred five'

by Ayako Mie

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is facing severe resistance from his ruling Liberal Democratic Party on plans to potentially scrap import tariffs on some of Japan's "sacred five" agricultural products. Abe aims to harness Japan's competitiveness to end its economic malaise through the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. The ...