Former Georgian leader Saakashvili's train halted near Ukraine border

World / Politics Sep 10, 2017

Former Georgian leader Saakashvili's train halted near Ukraine border

A train carrying former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and his supporters was prevented from leaving a railway station in Poland for Ukraine on Sunday, deepening a standoff between Saakashvili and Ukrainian authorities. Saakashvili intended to return to Ukraine despite being stripped of Ukrainian citizenship by ...

World May 20, 2015

Moscow demands access to two Russian 'citizen' prisoners in Ukraine

Russia's foreign ministry on Tuesday demanded the right to visit two citizens detained last week in eastern Ukraine who Kiev says are Russian soldiers guilty of carrying out "terrorist acts" on its territory. Kiev said on Monday the two men had killed Ukrainian troops and ...

Russia starts gas supplies to rebel-held east Ukraine

World Feb 20, 2015

Russia starts gas supplies to rebel-held east Ukraine

Russia started supplying gas to rebel-held eastern Ukraine on Thursday after Kiev had temporarily suspended deliveries because of damage to the networks from heavy fighting, which is continuing despite a cease-fire. The spat over Russian gas supplies and pricing for Ukraine had been at the ...

Commentary / World May 2, 2014

Can Russia fix its mess in Ukraine?

by Leonid Bershidsky

Russian President Vladimir Putin can neither resolve the crisis in east Ukraine nor admit his powerlessness to end what he started. Kiev needs to find a way to negotiate with the local elite and law enforcers, providing convincing guarantees of safety.

World / Politics Apr 26, 2014

Ukraine says separatists seize bus carrying OSCE observers

Armed separatists in the eastern Ukrainian city of Slaviansk seized a bus carrying international observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe on Friday, Ukraine's Interior Ministry said. The separatist leader in Slaviansk told reporters a problem has arisen when the observers tried ...

World / Politics Mar 10, 2014

Khodorkovsky seeks a 'different Russia'

On March 9, Russia's most famous political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky visited Kiev's Maidan Square Sunday and stirred emotions on both sides of social media. (tweets translated and curated by Ekaterina Belskaya).