The hills of Kotsubo hide the tombs of fallen samurai

Travel Oct 16, 2011

The hills of Kotsubo hide the tombs of fallen samurai

by Kris Kosaka

No matter how warm and sunny the day, there's always a chill in Mandarado Yagura, a samurai graveyard in Kotsubo, right at the boundary between Kamakura and Zushi in Kanagawa Prefecture just south of Yokohama. In this secreted locale little more than an hour by ...

Coming of age in Kamakura

Travel Aug 21, 2011

Coming of age in Kamakura

by Skye Hohmann

When I first went to Kamakura I was 16 and full of wonder and anger and curiosity; a coiled hope poised at the edge of experience. I stood then for the first time in the crowded clearing at the foot of the great bronze Buddha, ...

Enoshima: Stepping back into 'old Japan'

Travel Jun 21, 2009

Enoshima: Stepping back into 'old Japan'

by Burritt Sabin

Crossing Enoshima Benten Bridge to Enoshima Island in Sagami Bay, 80 km south of Tokyo, I was stopped in my tracks by a pair of mustard-eyed dragons slithering down gray granite lanterns. A man dismounted his bicycle and asked if I needed help. No, ...

Kawasaki risen from the grit with plenty to offer

Travel May 10, 2009

Kawasaki risen from the grit with plenty to offer

by Mark Schreiber

Back in December 1972, having just taken a job with a Japan Airlines subsidiary, I moved into the company's bachelors dormitory at Miyauchi 2-chome in Kawasaki's Nakahara Ward. Situated in an industrial area near Musashi Kosugi on the JR Nambu Line, my lodgings were pretty ...

Travel Jun 12, 2001

Fujiya Hotel: At ease in a Miyanoshita time capsule

by Stephen Mansfield

Most visits to the Hakone area of Kanagawa Prefecture begin at the heavily touristed town itself, from where numerous well-trodden routes head off through the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park of which it is the official center. Although Hakone is jam-packed with souvenir shops and resort hotels, ...

Travel May 22, 2001

Visiting the Little Prince at Hakone

by Tony Skevington

Breathtaking mountain scenery, a walk through a French village, Provencal cooking and a meeting with the doppelganger of a world-famous author -- sounds like a nice day trip. Especially when you can do it all without leaving Kanto. "The Little Prince," by the French author ...

Travel May 7, 2000

Hayama, Kanagawa: A spring abound with vermillion azaleas

Hayama is a picturesque seaside town located about 4 km south of Kamakura. Favored with a mild climate and scenic coasts, it sports a neighborhood of upscale houses and sophisticated restaurants facing a small yacht harbor. A chain of quiet beaches stretches south along ...