World Sep 10, 2018

Nepal copter crash kills five, including Japanese man; one missing

A helicopter flying in bad weather crashed in Nepal's mountains on Saturday, killing five of the seven people on board and leaving another missing, police said. The pilot and four of the six passengers, including a 68-year-old Japanese man, were among those killed, said police ...

What would you pay to live in Minato Ward?

Language | BILINGUAL Apr 23, 2018

What would you pay to live in Minato Ward?

by Kaori Shoji

It was in 2001 when my friend, Chikako Sakamoto, paid ¥9.8 million for a six-tatami-mat apartment in Tokyo's central Minato Ward. The apartment was inside a 長期滞在者用 (chōki taizaisha-yō, long term resident's) wing of an old hotel in Roppongi, with a very low ceiling ...