National Oct 16, 2015

Pension payment errors made after data leak

The Japan Pension Service mistakenly underpaid and overpaid about 400 pensioners as a result of measures taken after a cyberattack that resulted in a massive leak of personal data, it was learned. According to the agency, the 400 belonged to the 960,000 pensioners whose ID ...

Culture change needed at pension body after massive data hack

National Aug 21, 2015

Culture change needed at pension body after massive data hack

The report on the data leaks at the Japan Pension Service (JPS), released Thursday by its internal body, has revealed that a culture where no one takes responsibility existed in the Social Insurance Agency, the JPS's predecessor, and continued at the refurbished entity. Prime Minister ...

Editorials Jun 10, 2015

Protecting pension data

The Japan Pension Service must offer a clear explanation on how it failed to prevent the hacking of its computer system, which resulted in a massive leak of personal data.

National / Crime & Legal Jun 4, 2015

Pension hack data was transmitted for days

The Japan Pension Service, which is reeling from the theft of a massive amount of personal data, has discovered two of its personal computers continued to transmit data outside the organization for three days after it contacted police about a possible security breach, sources ...

Editorials Aug 25, 2014

Difficult time for pensioners

Pensioners' lives are likely to become even more severe in fiscal 2015 as scheduled increases in pension payments track lower than the rise in general prices.