Editorials Nov 4, 2014

Seniority pay on its way out?

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has proposed a review of the seniority-based wage system prevalent among Japanese companies with a call for higher pay to recruits and a shift to paying wages according to performance.

Editorials Aug 18, 2014

The high cost of cheap labor

The recent revelation that excessively long hours were imposed on workers at Sukiya should not be dismissed as an isolated case limited to the popular beef-bowl chain.

Editorials Aug 1, 2014

Setting a living wage

The ¥16 hike in Japan's average minimum hourly wage to ¥780, which an advisory panel has recommended to the labor minister, fails to offset the rising costs of living and hardly strengthens the safety net for the growing ranks of irregular workers.

Editorials Feb 15, 2014

More foreigners working in Japan

Whether it's the willingness at more workplaces to accept diversity or the nationwide worker shortage, especially in the construction industry, more foreigners are working in Japan than ever before.

Editorials Jan 18, 2014

More workers taking vacation

A group of companies in Japan are starting to buck the trend of making workers feel guilty for taking the full amount of vacation days to which they are entitled — and for good reason.