Looking for 'omotenashi' in Cuba's southeast

Travel May 26, 2017

Looking for 'omotenashi' in Cuba's southeast

by Tyler Rothmar

Though half a world apart in geography, history, language and just about anything else you could name, Cuba and Japan are not entirely without similarities. Both are island countries, albeit in different stages of development, and both are in the throes of full-on tourist drives, ...

Editorials Jul 22, 2010

Retrial of the Fukawa case

A retrial of the Fukawa case — in which two men were given life sentences for their conviction of a murder-robbery committed 43 years ago — started July 9 at Mito District Court's Tsuchiura branch. In the case, no material evidence came forth. Mr. ...

Editorials Jul 19, 2010

More organ transplants?

The revised Organ Transplant Law went into force July 17. The revision is aimed at increasing the number of organ transplants in Japan. But it may increase the burden on doctors, especially at emergency medicine departments. Before the revision, organs could be taken, with family ...

Editorials Jul 12, 2010

Russian games up north

The Russian military carried out a drill July 3-4 on Etorofu Island, off Hokkaido, ignoring a July 2 demand by Japanese Foreign Minister Katsuya Okada that it refrain from doing so there. Japan calls Etorofu and three other islands (including one islet group), northeast ...