Editorials Jul 10, 2014

Afghanistan’s election quagmire

Allegations of vote fraud in the second round of Afghanistan's presidential election threaten to hobble the Kabul government as the Taliban step up their attacks.

World / Politics May 12, 2014

Front-runner Abdullah wins key ally in Afghan presidential race

Former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah received a boost in the race for the Afghan presidency on Sunday when one of the pre-election favorites dropped out and backed his team ahead of next month's expected run-off. Zalmay Rassoul, who finished third in April's first round with ...

Editorials Apr 29, 2014

Building hope in Afghanistan

More than 55 percent of an estimated 12 million eligible Afghan voters turned out for the presidential election earlier this month, braving Taliban attacks against polling stations. That's up from the 30 to 35 percent turnout in 2009.

Vote might tip Afghan tribes into new war

World / Politics | ANALYSIS Apr 4, 2014

Vote might tip Afghan tribes into new war

Growing violence in Afghanistan's southern province of Kandahar ahead of the presidential election next week highlights a rift between Pashtun tribes that could tip the country back into civil war. The fate of Kandahar, birthplace of the Taliban insurgency, is crucial. Some Afghans fear that a ...

Editorials Dec 10, 2013

Karzai balks on a deal

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is playing a dangerous game. His term in office expires next April, yet he is balking on a security deal with the U.S. to try to preserve his political leverage.