Review: Worldwide Session at Studio Coast

May 6, 2016

Review: Worldwide Session at Studio Coast


Gilles Peterson has spent his entire career buoyed by gushing enthusiasm, but when the London-based DJ and record label boss declared a gig in Tokyo on May 4 to be a "career highlight," he was probably being sincere. The Twitter outburst came during the climax ...

May 10, 2012

More than a 'few' foreigners split

The May 6 editorial "'Flyjin' rather few" states that "The survey ...did not determine exactly how many of those 25 percent eventually returned to Tokyo" after the 3/11 disasters. But it should be patently obvious how many did — all of them! The survey was ...

Jun 15, 2008

Fed up with commute interruptions

Again, after a lightening strike on the main signal box at Mitaka, all of the Chuo Line came to a halt early last week. A few months ago, a fire at the same Mitaka signal box caused a suspension of Chuo Line operations for more ...