National Aug 25, 2014

Cram school operator Yoyogi Seminar to abolish nationwide mock tests

Struggling cram school operator Yoyogi Seminar is planning to stop offering nationwide mock tests for university entrance exams next year as part of its restructuring efforts, a company official said Monday. In January it will also stop assessing how applicants fared in unified college examinations. For ...

Entrance exams get failing grade

Reference | EXPLAINER Dec 2, 2013

Entrance exams get failing grade

by Tomohiro Osaki

National university exams are notorious for their emphasis on book learning. Once a year, examinees throng test sites, doing their best to regurgitate heaps of facts in the hopes of getting into the university of their choice. Once done, however, the pressure to study is off. ...

Editorials Feb 3, 2013

Entrance exam change needed

Japan's entrance exam ritual, which is once again upon us, needs substantial changes before other parts of the education system can be reformed.

'Exam hell' now not so hot

Reference | EXPLAINER Jan 20, 2009

'Exam hell' now not so hot

by Setsuko Kamiya

The annual university entrance examination season kicked off Saturday and Sunday as some 540,000 high school students and graduates nationwide took the standardized National Center Test for University Admissions. The next several weeks will be tense for examinees as they prepare for the individual exams ...