Commentary / World Feb 11, 2014

Reviving China's economic rebalancing act

by Yu Yongding

As China remains among the world's poorest countries, with per capita income amounting to less than $7,000, its position as the world's largest exporter of capital signifies a gross misallocation of resources. It should adopt a float exchange-rate regime as soon as possible.

Commentary Nov 15, 2013

Mentor Koizumi shows protege Abe how to reboot

by William Pesek

By lending his popularity to the anti-nuclear chorus and exciting the public about a pro-growth energy future, Junichiro Koizumi isn't just counseling a better way. He's offering his protege Shinzo Abe an invitation into the pantheon of true Japanese reformers.

Editorials Nov 14, 2013

China also needs political reform

If China pushes economic liberalization while hanging on to its conservative political system, it is unlikely that it will succeed in resolving the contradictions that now plague its society.