Eastern Europe battered by blizzards, gales

Jan 18, 2016

Eastern Europe battered by blizzards, gales

Blizzards battered parts of Eastern Europe on Sunday, forcing roads to close, trains and flights to be canceled and producing power outages. The snow blanketed parts of Romania, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Poland, while Croatia's Adriatic coast was hit by unseasonably low temperatures ...

Mar 10, 2015

3,000 U.S. troops head to Eastern Europe for exercises

About 3,000 U.S. soldiers from the 3rd Infantry Division will deploy to Eastern Europe beginning next week, to conduct training exercises with forces from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the Pentagon said Monday. The deployment is part of an ongoing U.S. military troop rotation aimed at ...

Dec 31, 2014

U.S. to station 150 armored vehicles in Europe

The United States plans by the end of next year to station around 150 tanks and armored vehicles in Europe for use by U.S. forces training in Europe as part of the U.S. response to the Ukraine crisis, according to a U.S. military commander. Some ...