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Japan Times
Sep 29, 2022
With forestry pledges stuttering, could an indigenous funding boost offer hope?
The forthcoming COP27 in Egypt could offer a 'breakthrough' if parties convincingly demonstrate how to fund and work with indigenous peoples on forest conservation.
Japan Times
Apr 18, 2022
As Kenyans farm in forests, incomes rise and deforestation falls
The country sees small-scale farming on forest land as an essential pillar of its commitment to have 10% of the country covered with trees by the end of this year.
Japan Times
Dec 29, 2021
How world leaders can make their COP26 deforestation pledge a reality
More than 100 leaders agreed to halt and reverse harm to forests and land by 2030, but similar zero-deforestation pledges had repeatedly been made and not met.
Japan Times
Feb 14, 2019
Can 'Big Brother' technology clean up palm oil's image?
Some of the world's major palm oil users, including Nestle, Unilever, and Mondelez, are trying out new satellite technology to track deforestation, as pressure grows on them to source the ingredient responsibly.
Japan Times
WORLD / Science & Health
Jan 17, 2019
Warming and deforestation threatening coffee species, including Ethiopia's Arabica, scientists warn
Climate change and deforestation are putting more than half the world's wild coffee species at risk of extinction, including the popular commercial coffees Arabica and Robusta, scientists warned on Wednesday.
Jul 12, 2018
EU urged to draft law on child labor, deforestation in coffee and cocoa areas as voluntary curbs fail
The European Union must set mandatory rules to tackle child labor and deforestation in the cocoa and coffee sectors, after years of voluntary action has failed to spur widespread change, stakeholders and policymakers said on Wednesday.
May 11, 2017
Borneo village chief urges Tokyo to stop using cheap timber in centerpiece Olympic stadium
A village leader from Borneo urged Japan on Wednesday to stop building its Olympic stadium with cheap timber that he says is obliterating traditional life for his indigenous people.
Japan Times
Dec 7, 2015
Forest protection efforts need to be refocused
If the climate negotiators meeting in Paris are truly interested in halting forest loss and bringing climate change under control, they must address the underlying causes of these problems.
WORLD / Science & Health
Mar 3, 2015
Deforestation could shift monsoons, leaving India high and dry, research finds
Large-scale deforestation could cause monsoon rains to shift south, cutting rainfall in India by nearly a fifth, scientists say.
Japan Times
Jun 1, 2013
Indonesia seeing a new corporate colonialism
Land conflicts between farmers and plantation owners, mining companies and developers have raged across Indonesia as local and multinational firms have been encouraged to seize and then deforest customary land — land owned by indigenous people and administered in accordance with their customs.


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