Editorials Jan 8, 2014

Shaky foundation for recovery

The Japanese economy appears to be on the recovery path for now, thanks to the policy of the Abe administration, but the effects from the consumption tax rise, beginning in April, and the extra financial burden that households can expect under the fiscal 2014 ...

Editorials Jan 8, 2014

Fee hike should boost medical care

Revenue from the average 0.1 percent increase in medical fees for the 2014 draft budget is expected to be used mainly to improve emergency medicine and pediatric and obstetrical treatment — fields where quality care has declined in some localities because of shortages of ...

Editorials Oct 2, 2013

Consumption tax raise misdirected

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe confirms that the government will raise the sales tax from 5 to 8 percent beginning in April. But will the tax hike lead to an economic downturn

Editorials Sep 21, 2013

Questions surround sales tax raise

As the April 2014 consumption tax increase nears, the Abe has yet to come up with a convincing reform plan to reduce people's worries about their lives in the future.

Editorials Jun 13, 2013

On track for a tax increase

The Abe administration seems hellbent on raising the consumption tax starting next year regardless of whether it threatens the nation's economic recovery.