Bridge to China brings threat for Hong Kong's native pink dolphin

Jul 17, 2018

Bridge to China brings threat for Hong Kong's native pink dolphin

Hong Kong's rare pale pink dolphins are battling for survival as building work on a 19-mile (31-km) bridge linking the Asian financial hub with China disrupts the communication and feeding activities of the highly sociable animals, marine experts say. The Chinese white dolphin, which appears ...

/ Apr 27, 2018

Progress made toward 'infinitely recyclable' plastic

U.S. scientists said Thursday they have made progress toward a kind of plastic that can be recycled "infinitely," and that it appears durable enough to compete with regular plastics. Unlike plastics made from petroleum products, the new kind can be converted back to its original ...

Mar 20, 2018

World's last male northern white rhino, Sudan, dies

The world's last male northern white rhino, Sudan, has died after "age-related complications," researchers announced Tuesday, saying he "stole the heart of many with his dignity and strength." A statement from the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya said the 45-year-old rhino was euthanized on Monday ...

Jan 24, 2018

Kids' picture book on eco-friendly mottainai lifestyle published in India

A Japanese picture book encouraging an eco-friendly mottainai lifestyle has been published in India to teach children in the world’s second-most-populous nation the importance of reducing waste, according to Japan’s aid agency. The English-Hindi bilingual edition of "Mottainai Grandma" was released at the New Delhi ...