Editorials Sep 23, 2011

To the brink of worst case

More than six months since the crisis at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant started, people not directly affected by it appear to be gradually losing their acute concern about the crisis. Former Prime Minister Naoto Kan's recent interviews with mass media ...

Editorials Jul 24, 2011

A book for the times

This month, Mr. Jun Ikeido won the prestigious Naoki Prize for popular fiction; the Akutagawa Prize for new writers of literary fiction was not awarded as the judges found no exceptional work deemed worthy of the prize. Mr. Ikeido's winning novel, "Shitamachi Rocket," concerns the ...

Commentary / World Jul 15, 2010

A year to recall what made de Gaulle great

by Jonathan Fenby

LONDON — By coincidence, this is a busy year for round-number anniversaries for France's greatest leader since Napoleon. Charles de Gaulle was born 120 years ago in Lille. He died 40 years ago at his home in Colombey-les-deux-eglises, expiring of a heart attack as ...