Jellyfish hurl venom 'grenades' to snare prey

World / Science & Health Feb 14, 2020

Jellyfish hurl venom 'grenades' to snare prey

A species of jellyfish hunts its prey by hurling venom grenades to create "stinging water," researchers said Thursday, solving a long-standing mystery as to how they gather food without tentacles. The Cassiopea xamachana jellyfish, found in shallow waters around Florida, the Caribbean and Micronesia, is ...

World May 23, 2018

Pirate attacks grow in South America and Caribbean: report

Pirate attacks around South American and Caribbean waters are growing, and violence is increasingly used during robberies committed on vessels at anchor, a report showed on Wednesday. The Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) nonprofit group recorded 71 incidents in Latin America and the Caribbean in 2017, ...