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Japan Times
Oct 18, 2018
As deficit soars after huge tax cuts, Trump now tells Cabinet to cut budget by 5%
U.S. President Donald Trump, faced with a budget deficit at a six-year high, on Wednesday told his Cabinet to come up with proposals to cut spending by their agencies by 5 percent, but he suggested the military would be largely spared.
Japan Times
Aug 27, 2018
Macron targets French welfare spending as deficit pressure rises
French President Emmanuel Macron's government will tackle social spending in the next wave of its reforms as weaker than expected growth puts pressure on the budget deficit, the prime minister said on Sunday.
Japan Times
Nov 30, 2015
Japan's looming debt nightmare won't fix itself
Given that its long-term potential real GDP growth is no more than 1 percent, Japan needs to rein in its ballooning national debt through spending cuts or tax hikes.
BUSINESS / Economy
Feb 12, 2015
Japan to miss 2020 fiscal reform goal: Cabinet
Japan is set to miss its key fiscal rehabilitation goal in fiscal 2020, even if the doubling of the consumption tax is completed and the economy is on a solid recovery track, an estimate released by the Cabinet Office said Thursday.
Jan 10, 2015
Brainstorming to begin on new fiscal reform plan
The government will start working on a new fiscal rehabilitation plan this month after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gutted the previous one by pausing the doubling of the consumption tax last year, sources close to the matter said.
Dec 2, 2014
Tax revenue may reach highest level in 17 years
Central government tax revenue may reach its highest level in 17 years in fiscal 2014 on the back of the April 1 consumption tax hike and growth in corporate and individual income tax receipts, Finance Ministry officials said.
Japan Times
JAPAN / Society
Jul 23, 2014
Retirees swell national debt treating clinics as clubs
Kaoru Ishiyama gets to an orthopedic clinic in Kawasaki early so he can chat with about 20 other retirees while they wait outside for it to open, each sitting on folding chairs brought from home.
BUSINESS / Economy
Jul 20, 2014
Japan to miss 2020 budget surplus goal regardless of sales tax hikes
Japan is unlikely to meet its international commitment to achieve a government budget surplus by fiscal 2020, even if it proceeds with another consumption tax increase, sources said Saturday.
Japan Times
BUSINESS / Economy
Aug 8, 2013
Abe vows to trim ¥17 trillion; details few
The Abe administration approves a medium-term fiscal reform plan, pledging to narrow the budget deficit by ¥17 trillion over the next two years but offering no specifics on how to improve public finances.
BUSINESS / Economy
Jul 31, 2013
Deficit cut mulled as sales tax debate intensifies
The Abe administration is considering an ¥8 trillion target for budget-deficit cuts over the next two years as officials debate how to proceed with the planned consumption tax increases that threaten to take the wind out of the economic rebound.


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