May 2, 2015

Major Japanese firms fall victim to data leaks: survey

According to a newly released survey, some of the nation’s major firms have reported being victims of data leaks over the past five years either because of cyberattacks or as former employees and others willfully took company data out with them.

Oct 14, 2014

Benesse leak prompts reforms in data reselling industry

The massive leak of personal data from education services provider Benesse Corp. has prompted data aggregators to tighten the way they work and has spurred the government to consider ways to prevent such breaches in the future. A systems engineer currently on trial is accused ...

/ Sep 10, 2014

Benesse to revamp data security after massive data leak

The Benesse group on Wednesday outlined its new data security setup, which the company says will bolster customer information protection after it was embroiled in Japan's biggest-ever data theft. Benesse Holdings Inc. and its group company Benesse Corp. said they will send a ¥500 cash ...

Jul 25, 2014

Plug leaks in privacy protection law

The massive theft of customer data from education service provider Benesse Corp. underscores the value of such data for marketing purposes, and the need to close legal loopholes that allow private information to proliferate so easily.