Voices | OVERHEARD Oct 6, 2018

Grape expectations

"Whenever I walk through a supermarket at this time of year, I really have to fight the urge to pluck a grape off the bunches on display and pop it in my mouth."

Voices | OVERHEARD Nov 23, 2013

Local government in action

Young man: Why are you cutting down the maple trees in various places around the park? Elderly man: It's easier to cut them down now than wait and sweep up the leaves after they fall next week. — Yodagawa Kasen Park, Osaka. Overheard by The Japan ...

Reader Mail Aug 14, 2011

Power-saving mindset has limits

Regarding the Aug. 10 article "Nuclear power debate heating up": I strongly disagree with the notion that just because we seem to be doing fine amid the current electricity deficit, Japan will be just fine without nuclear power plants in the future. One reason we ...