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Japan Times
Feb 20, 2019
Two crew members rescued after ASDF fighter jet crashes in Sea of Japan
The two crew members of an Air Self-Defense Force F-2 fighter jet were rescued Wednesday morning after their aircraft crashed into the Sea of Japan off the coast of Yamaguchi Prefecture during training.
Japan Times
Oct 18, 2017
Japanese fighter jet catches fire before takeoff from base in Ibaraki Prefecture
An Air Self-Defense Force F-4 fighter jet caught fire Wednesday shortly before it was to depart for a training flight from a base in Ibaraki Prefecture, the ASDF said.
Japan Times
Apr 8, 2016
Bodies of last two ASDF airmen recovered from cliff in Kagoshima
The bodies of the last two crew members and the wreckage of an Air Self-Defense Force airplane have been found on a cliff in Mount Takakuma, Kagoshima Prefecture, defense officials said Friday.
Apr 19, 2014
Russian military bombers spotted
The Air Self-Defense Force scrambled fighter jets Friday after three pairs of Russian Tupolev Tu-95 bombers were detected flying around the Japanese archipelago, the Defense Ministry's Joint Staff Office announced.
Sep 9, 2013
ASDF sends jets to check out drone
Japan scrambles fighter jets after an unidentified drone is seen flying near the Senkaku Islands for the first time.
Jan 25, 2013
ASDF jets scrambled 160 times against China planes between April, December
In the nine months, ASDF fighter jets were scrambled 349 times in total, up 14 from the same period in fiscal 2011, says the ministry's Joint Staff Office.
Dec 23, 2011
Risky catalog purchase of fighter
The government on Tuesday selected Lockheed Martin's F-35 as the Air-Self Defense Force's next-generation fighter over Boeing's F/A-18 and the Eurofighter Typhoon to replace aging F-4 fighters. Japan plans to purchase 42 F-35s, hoping that the first delivery will start in fiscal 2016 (April 2016-March...


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