Ono lifts Japan with sayonara single in 10th

Baseball Nov 13, 2016

Ono lifts Japan with sayonara single in 10th

by Jason Coskrey

The game was supposed to only be a dress rehearsal for next year's World Baseball Classic. But the atmosphere during the ninth inning at Tokyo Dome made it feel a whole lot like the real thing. A game of late, wild momentum shifts finally settled ...

Editorials Aug 9, 2011

Betrayal of child-rearing principle

The ruling Democratic Party of Japan and the two main opposition parties — the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito — struck an agreement on Aug. 4 to introduce an income cap for recipients of the child allowance. From fiscal 2012, child-rearing families whose annual ...

Commentary / World | SENTAKU MAGAZINE May 25, 2009

Paying Aso back with praise

Ranking officials at the Foreign Ministry appear more preoccupied with presenting Prime Minister Taro Aso as dexterous at diplomacy than promoting the national interest. One official has confided that it is now their turn to return the favor given to them when Aso was ...