Review excerpt: Umaiya is old-school; there are no innovations here, and furthermore there’s no mayonnaise, so don’t bother asking for it.

Review excerpt: While much of the menu at Soryuko is rooted in Sichuan cooking and features big, bold flavors, classics such as Peking duck and shoronpo, the ubiquitous dumpling that originated in Shanghai, are also included.

Review excerpt: At Teianda they take their Okinawan culture and food seriously, but not overbearingly so. Upstairs there’s a stage for visiting musicians and artists from Okinawa.

The Japanese take on the venerable burger can sometimes be, well, too sauce-heavy. At Buff, the emphasis was on the meat, piled high and topped with enoki and shiitake mushrooms. There's also plenty besides beef on the menu -- the voluminous stuffed tomato was ...

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