Sports | SPORTS SCOPE EXTRA Jun 27, 2002

Observations from the other side

by Rob Smaal

It's almost over now, and I have to admit it's been a lot less painful than anticipated. With the World Cup final just a few days away, here are a few observations from a distinctly North American point of view. Best fans: Have to give this ...

Sports | SPORTS SCOPE EXTRA Jun 6, 2002

Sapporo rocks to a friendly beat

by John Maylam

SAPPORO -- Pack 100 or so delirious Italians and another 50 frustrated Ecuadoreans into a bar already filled with locals expecting a quiet drink after work on a Monday night and what would you expect? According to the Japanese media carnage on the scale of ...


Troussier raising more questions than answers

by Fred Varcoe

The only answer anyone in the press room could come up with was: "Well, he's French, isn't he." The question being: Why did Japan manager Philippe Troussier take Kashima Antlers midfielder Mitsuo Ogasawara off the field after just 25 minutes in Wednesday's 1-1 draw against ...